Ōta MASAMITSU Mizutani Yaeko as Madama Butterfly

Japanese Woodblock Print - Shin Hanga, Actors, Ota MASAMITSU Ōta MASAMITSU
(1892 – 1975)

Mizutani Yaeko as Madama Butterfly

Mizutane Yaeko (1905-1979) was a leading actress in the Shinpa (New School) of Theater and Film, which flourished in Japan from the late 19th century onward. She was married to Morita Kan'ya, a well-known actor.

Series: Gendai butai geika (Flowers of the Modern Stage)
Signature: Artist’s Signature and Seal
Printer: Miyake Kōshodō
Date: Showa 29, 1954

Original Japanese Woodblock Print, Size: Ôban

Inventory No. F165
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