Norbertine BRESSLERN-ROTH (1891 - 1978)
Young Fisherman (Der junge Fischer)

Linocut, signed, 1923, 20,7 x 20,7 cm

Sales price: 1800,00 €

Woodblock Print, signed and dated 1940, 29,5 x 23,5 cm

Sales price: 650,00 €

Series: Floral Calendar of Japan Signature: red Seal ...

Sales price: 340,00 €
Plum tree of the Friendly Garden

Series: The Friendly Garden Signature: Yoshida Toshi with ...

Sales price: 650,00 €
Kawaguchi-ko (Kawaguchi Lake)

Signature: Hasui with Kawase Seal Publisher: Doi ...

Sales price: 850,00 €
The Sea of Echigo

Signature: Shiro Kasamatus in roman letters and Artist's ...

Sales price: 480,00 €
Ushibari no yūgure (Late Afternoon at Ushibari)

Signature: Artist's Seal Date: first published in 1930 ...

Sales price: 850,00 €
Sunset at Minakami

Signature: red Shiro Seal Publisher’s seal: Unsodo ...

Sales price: 480,00 €
Kagerô: Akitsushima

Series: Genji Clouds Matched with Ukiyo-e Pictures (Genji ...

Sales price: 750,00 €
Woman Threading a Needle (hari shigoto)

Series: Types of the Floating World Seen through a ...

Sales price: 2480,00 €
Takao-maru funako no shichinin shû

Seven Sailors on the Takao-maru Actors: Seki Sanjûrô III, ...

Sales price: 880,00 €
Kasumiga-seki (Kasumiga Barrier-gate)

Series: Edo meishō zue (Views of Famous Places in ...

Sales price: 650,00 €
Zôjô-ji tô, Akebane (The Pagoda of Zôjô-ji Temples in Akebane)

Series: Meisho Edo hyakkei (One Hundred Famous Views of ...

Sales price: 1850,00 €
Bôshû Nokogiri-yama Nihon-ji

Nihon-ji Temple on Mount Nokogiri, Awa Province Series: ...

Sales price: 850,00 €
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