Ganjôsai KUNIHIRO Actor Bandô Mitsugorô III as Genta and a Rabbit (Usagi)

(active about 1815–1843)

Actor Bandô Mitsugorô III as Genta and a Rabbit (Usagi)

Series: Kyû henge no uchi (Dance of Nine Changes). Seven characters depicted on four sheets. Actor Bando Mitsugoro III is shown in the seven parts he played in Somemoyô Naniwa Miyage, which was staged in Kada theatre Osaka in 1821.

Signature: Kunihiro ga
Publisher: Tenmaya Kihei (Tenki) and Sôshiya
Date: 3/1821

Original Japanese Woodblock Print, Size: Oban (35,5 x 26 cm)

Inventory No. F365
All artworks are sold as seen on the picture.

280,00 €

This series by Kunihiro show a socalled transformation piece performed by a single actor. Bandô Mitsugorô III is depicted in all seven characters (three sheets show the actor twice). Portraying the same actor in two or more roles on a single sheet was a common practice in ukiyo-e e print design.

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