Utagawa KUNISADA (TOYOKUNI III) (1786–1864) Utagawa KUNISADA (TOYOKUNI III) (1786–1864)

Ito Nyudo Sukechika

Ito Sukechika (died March 20, 1182) was a samurai lord and gozoku of the Izu Province in the late Heian period.

Signature: Kunisada aratame Toyokuni hitsu
Publisher: Fujiokaya Keijirô (Shôrindô)
Censor’s seal and date: Mura, about 1844 (Tenpô 15/Kôka 1)
Condition: right part of a triptych, excellent impression, vibrant colors, faint mounting residue alongside left margin

Original Japanese Woodblock Print, Size Oban (36,7 x 25,1 cm)

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