Utagawa KUNITERU II (KUNITSUNA II) (1830-1874) Utagawa KUNITERU II (KUNITSUNA II) (1830-1874)

Sato Masakiyo Gunbai no Zu

Fully manned warship, on its way to Korea (1597), commanded by Sato Masakiyo (= Kato Kiyomasa 1562- 1611).

Signature: Ransai Kunitsuna ga
Publisher: Itosho
Censor's Seal and Seal of Date: aratame, Ansei 7 (1860), 8th month
Condition: very good impression, colors slightly faded, sheets are fixed toghether

Original Japanese Woodblock Print, Oban Triptych (37,2 x 74,5 cm)

Inventory No. I649
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