Hiroshi YOSHIDA (1876–1950)


Hiroshi YOSHIDA ( 1876 – 1950) Yoshida published, same as Kawase Hasui, his first landscape prints at Watanabe. For his landscapes, Yoshida choose his scenery from his various travels to Europe, Afrika, India, Southeast Asia, USA, China, Korea and – of course – Japan.

1925, Yoshida returned from his travels to Europe and the USA and employed his own carvers and printers. The idea of self-printing (jizuri) and being responsible for every step in the process of creating an artwork, is due to the Westernization and took over to the Japanese Sosaku Hanga Movement. Yoshida was very much influenced by the traditional Japanese woodblock printmaking and understood all beauty of ukiyo-e, but he also revolutionized the Japanese woodblock print.

The artistic talent was passed on in the Yoshida familie. The well known printmaker Tōshi Yoshida is the son of Hiroshi Yoshida.

Ugo no yûbe (Evening after Rain)

(C302 )

Osaka Castle (Osaka-jô)


Cherry Tree in Kawagoe (Kawagoe no sakura)


Xiaogushan, China (Shôkozan)


Hôten ichiba (Market in Mukden)

580,00 €

Carp and Tortoises

420,00 €

Shinbashi (Sacred Bridge)

(F293 )
580,00 €