TOYOKUNI III (d.i. Utagawa KUNISADA, 1786 - 1864)
Taiheiji kills O-Yone out of Revenge, a Scene from a Kabuki Play

upper part: Portrait and Poem by Fujiwara Michinobu Ason ...

Sales price: 280,00 €
Portait and Poem by Spseo Hôshi (9.Jh.)

Series: Hyakunin isshu e shô, No. 21 (Hundred Poems by ...

Sales price: 280,00 €
Actor Matsumoto Kôshirô VI as Niki Danjô as he transforms into a

unusual depiction including spectators Series: Seisho ...

Sales price: 240,00 €
Actor of a Kabuki Play as Yagurashita Nizaemon

Signature:Toyokuni ga Publisher's Seal: Sen-ichi Cencor's ...

Sales price: 240,00 €
Ryôgokubashi yûsuzumi kôkei (Summer Breeze at Ryôgoku Bridge)

Signature: Ôju Kunisada aratame nidai Toyokuni ...

Sales price: 2450,00 €
A young mother with her son, who holds a fan depicting maple lea

Series: Hyakunin isshu e shô, No. 17 (Hundred Poems by ...

Sales price: 240,00 €
The Actor Nakamura Shikan as Miho-no-ya Shirô Kunitosh

Signature: Toyokuni ga Publisher’s Seal: Kagiya ...

Sales price: 480,00 €
Chûshingura Ekyodai Nanadan-me, Act VII (Shichidanme)

Series: Chûshingura ekyôdai (Matched Pictures for The ...

Sales price: 380,00 €
Somei (District of Edo)

upper right: Utagawa KUNIHISA (1832 - 1891) Series: Edo ...

Sales price: 580,00 €
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