SHIGEHARU Geisha Chô of Kyô-Ôgi-ya dressed as yuagari (after the bath)

Shigeharu_cat Gyokuryûtei SHIGEHARU
(also: KUNISHIGE, active ca. 1821-1849)

Geisha Chô of Kyô-Ôgi-ya dressed as yuagari (after the bath)

Series: Shimanouchi Nerimono (Costumes in the Shimanouchi District)
Publisher: Tenki (?)
Signature: Ryûsai Shigeharu ga
Date: c. 1836

Original Japanese Woodblock Print, Size: Oban (36,5 x 25,2 cm)

Inventory No. F380
All artworks are sold as seen on the picture.

320,00 €

Prints of courtesans, or any nontheatrical subject, are rare among Osaka print artists. This deluxe series was published in 1836 by Tenmaya Kihei and Honya Seibei showing courtesans in costume. At least 12 designs exist of this series and were designed by several artists including Hokuei, Hokuju, Sadahiro, Sadanobu, Shigeharu and Yoshikuni. The title cartouche show the series title in the upper part, in the fan the description of the costume and in the lower part the house and the name of the geisha.

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