Torii KIYONAGA Actors witch chanters and accompanist

Torii KIYONAGA (1752 – 1815) Torii KIYONAGA
(1752 – 1815)

Actors witch chanters and accompanist

Actors Segawa Kikunojō III as Tora, Sawamura Sōjūrō III as Soga no Jūrō, and Ichikawa Danjūrō V as the Ghost of Seigen; with chanters Tokiwazu Kanedayū and Tokiwazu Okadayū, and accompanist Kishizawa Koshikibu

Signature: Kiyonaga ga
Publisher: Nishimuraya Yohachi
Play: Sono Omokage Matsu ni Sakura
Theater: Nakamura
Date: 1783 (Tenmei 3), 8th month
Condition: colors faded, paper not clean, traces of previous restorations, wormholes restored

Original Japanese Woodblock Print, Size: Oban

Inventory No. F257
All artworks are sold as seen on the picture.

650,00 €