Series: Genji gojûyojô (Fifty-Four Loves of Contemporary ...

Sales price: 280,00 €
Nōin hōshi, Tatsuta no mae, Sukune Tarō

(Poems by Nōin hōshi, Tatsuta no mae and Sukune Tarō), No. ...

Sales price: 550,00 €
Poem by Fujiwara Toshiyuki Ason: Akoya

Series: Ogura Imitations of One Hundred Poems by One ...

Sales price: 480,00 €
Ise meisho: Futamigaura no zu

(Sights of Ise: View of the bay of ...

Sales price: 340,00 €
The Matsukaze Courtesans

Series: Hinagata Wakana no Hatsumoyô (New Year's pattern, ...

Sales price: 1850,00 €
The beautiful daughter sacrifices herself out of love

The beautiful daughter sacrifices herself out of love to ...

Sales price: 320,00 €
Muramage - Natsu (Reflection in the mirror)

Marumage was a type of traditional hair style for a married ...

Sales price: 480,00 €

Mixed technique, signed, 30 x 23 cm

Sales price: 4800,00 €
Hidari ga kiku ("kiku" Left-handed)

An allusion to good drinking mannors with the wordplay ...

Sales price: 280,00 €
Somei (District of Edo)

upper right: Utagawa KUNIHISA (1832 - 1891) Series: Edo ...

Sales price: 580,00 €
Chûshingura Ekyodai Nanadan-me, Act VII (Shichidanme)

Series: Chûshingura ekyôdai (Matched Pictures for The ...

Sales price: 380,00 €
Yujo Koimurasaki, Wakamurasaki: Shôshô (Chapter 5

Series: Genji kumo ukiyo-e awase (Genji Clouds Matched with ...

Sales price: 440,00 €
Poem by Empress Jitô (Jitô Tennô)

Series:Hyakunin isshu no uchi (One Hundred Poems by One ...

Sales price: 380,00 €
Yamabuki Gozen

Series:Kenjo reppu-den (Lives of Wise and Heroic ...

Sales price: 980,00 €
Ryôgoku-bashi no Yuki (Snow on Ryôgoku Bridge)

Series: Edo Shokei Yuki-zukushi (Beautiful Snowcovered ...

Sales price: 980,00 €
Nihonbashi (Nihonbashi Bridge in Edo)

Series:Tôkaidô gojûsan tsui (Fifty-three Pairings for the ...

Sales price: 280,00 €
Poem by Fujiwara Sanekata Ason, No 51

Series: Ogura nazorae hyakunin isshu (Ogara Imitations of ...

Sales price: 420,00 €
The Sixth Month

Series: Twelve Months by Two Artists Signature: Toyohiro ...

Sales price: 750,00 €
Kusuguttai (It Tickles)

Echizen Uni (Sea Urchin Creme), No. 15 of the series ...

Sales price: 1080,00 €
Fairy Tō Ransen on a Cloud

Series: Nihon meijo hanashi (Tales of famous Japanese ...

Sales price: 580,00 €
Sumidagawa no hanami musume gyoretsu no zu

(Ansicht der Prozession der jungen Mädchen zur ...

Sales price: 320,00 €
Shirabyôshi (Shirabyôshi Dancer) Kenkyû koro fujin (Woman of the

Series: Sanjûrokkasen (Thiry Six Beautiful ...

Sales price: 320,00 €
Tabiji (On the Road) Genkô koro fujin (Woman of the Genkô Era 13

Series: Sanjûrokkasen (Thiry Six Beautiful ...

Sales price: 320,00 €
Yukimi (Snow Viewing) Kanbun koro fujin (Woman of the Kanbun Era

Series: Sanjûrokkasen (Thiry Six Beautiful ...

Sales price: 240,00 €
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