Windy day at Komatsugawa

Name on Seal: Hiroaki Publisher: Watanabe Date: before ...

Sales price: 850,00 €
Late Autumn in a village

Name on Seal: Shotei Publisher: Watanabe Date: before ...

Sales price: 750,00 €
Zôjô-ji tô, Akebane (The Pagoda of Zôjô-ji Temples in Akebane)

Series: Meisho Edo hyakkei (One Hundred Famous Views of ...

Sales price: 1850,00 €
Nihondaira no Fuji Yakei

Night view of Mount Fuji from Nihondaira Series: Twelve ...

Sales price: 650,00 €
Rain at Maekawa in Sagami Province (Sôshû Maekawa no ame)

Signature: Hasui with kawase seal Publisher: Watanabe ...

Sales price: 650,00 €

Signature: Artis's Seal Hiroshi and roman letters Hiroshi ...

Sales price: 650,00 €

monogrammed woodblock print, 1911, 25,5 x 19,5 cm

Sales price: 650,00 €
Takao-maru funako no shichinin shû

Seven Sailors on the Takao-maru Actors: Seki Sanjûrô III, ...

Sales price: 880,00 €
The Matsukaze Courtesans

Series: Hinagata Wakana no Hatsumoyô (New Year's pattern, ...

Sales price: 1850,00 €
Woman Threading a Needle (hari shigoto)

Series: Types of the Floating World Seen through a ...

Sales price: 2480,00 €
Nôryô Hotaru

Signatur: Ichiyûsai Kuniyoshi ga Publisher’s Seal: Jôshûya ...

Sales price: 1850,00 €
Katō Kazue-no-kami Kiyomasa Kato

Kato Kiyomasa at the fall of Fushimi Castle Series: ...

Sales price: 550,00 €
Hara Gôemon Mototoki

Series: Seichu gishi den (Biographies of Loyal and ...

Sales price: 380,00 €
Onodera Toemon Hidetome

Series: Seichu gishi den (Biographies of Loyal and ...

Sales price: 380,00 €
Uramatsu Handayu Takanao

Series: Seichu gishi den (Biographies of Loyal and ...

Sales price: 380,00 €
Crow on a cherry branch

Signature: red Seal Koson Publisher: ...

Sales price: 1250,00 €
Cockatoo and Pomegranate

Seal and Signature: Shoson Publisher: Watanabe Date: ...

Sales price: 950,00 €
Water Lilies

Series: Floral Calendar of Japan Signature: red Seal ...

Sales price: 340,00 €
Miru to kitagaru wa nyôbo no kuse

The Wife's Habit of Wanting to Wear Something as Soon as ...

Sales price: 480,00 €
Five Great Festivals of the Year

Surimono (here without a poem) in the Horse Year (1810, ...

Sales price: 950,00 €
Beauty, writing a letter

Signature: Kikugawa Eizan hitsu Censor's Seal and Seal ...

Sales price: 480,00 €
Bôshû Nokogiri-yama Nihon-ji

Nihon-ji Temple on Mount Nokogiri, Awa Province Series: ...

Sales price: 850,00 €
Kagerô: Akitsushima

Series: Genji Clouds Matched with Ukiyo-e Pictures (Genji ...

Sales price: 750,00 €
Kasumiga-seki (Kasumiga Barrier-gate)

Series: Edo meishō zue (Views of Famous Places in ...

Sales price: 650,00 €
The Sea of Echigo

Signature: Shiro Kasamatus in roman letters and Artist's ...

Sales price: 480,00 €

Woodlock Print, 1927, 80 x 31 cm

Sales price: 1800,00 €

Woodlock Print, 1926, 67 x 47 cm

Sales price: 2200,00 €
Romance - Unicorn (Romanze - Einhorn)

Linocut, signed, 1922, 21,7 x 22 cm

Sales price: 1600,00 €
Young Fisherman (Der junge Fischer)

Linocut, signed, 1923, 20,7 x 20,7 cm

Sales price: 1800,00 €
Schatten (Schwarze Panther)

Linocut, signed, 1934, 21,5 x 24,5 cm

Sales price: 2550,00 €
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