Tsuki no yotsu no o (The moon’s four strings), No. 98

The blind musician tuning a string on his biwa is Semimaru, ...

Sales price: 650,00 €
Kagerô: Akitsushima

Series: Genji Clouds Matched with Ukiyo-e Pictures (Genji ...

Sales price: 750,00 €
Konjin Chôgorô (The wrestler Konjin Chogoro throwing a devil)

Chôgorô came from the province of Musashi and defeated ...

Sales price: 950,00 €
Yoshiwara (Battle on the Beach)

Series: Tokaido gojusan-tsui (Fifty-three pairings along ...

Sales price: 420,00 €
Moon at Magome (Magome no tsuki)

Series: Twenty Views of Tokyo (Tôkyô nijûkei ) Signature: ...

Sales price: 950,00 €
Yasaka no Tsuki (Moon at Yasaka Pagoda)

Signature: Artist's Seal Original Japanese Woodblock ...

Sales price: 480,00 €
The Sea of Echigo

Signature: Shiro with Shiro Seal Publisher: Unsodo ...

Sales price: 480,00 €
Moon on the Arakawa River in Akabane

Arakawa no tsuki [Akabane] Series: Twenty Views of Tokyo ...

Sales price: 2250,00 €
Kasumigaseki setchû (Kasumigaseki in Snow)

Series: Tôto sanjûrokkei (Thirty-six Views of the Eastern ...

Sales price: 850,00 €
Asakusa Kannon-dô Ô-chôchin

The Great Lantern of the Kannon Temple, ...

Sales price: 680,00 €
Evening Bell in Ueno

Ueno Banshô Series: Edo Meisho hakkei (Eight Attractions ...

Sales price: 1650,00 €
Atami sekishô

Atami sekishô, Atami-ga-hama yori Ôshima no ...

Sales price: 1850,00 €
Sea Phantoms at Daimotsu Bay

Signature: Gyokuransai Sadahide ga. Publisher: Moriya ...

Sales price: 1480,00 €

Series: Keinen Kacho Gafu (Pictures of Birds and Flowers by ...

Sales price: 180,00 €

Woodblock Print, signed and dated 1940, 29,5 x 23,5 cm

Sales price: 650,00 €
Young Fisherman (Der junge Fischer)

Linocut, signed, 1923, 20,7 x 20,7 cm

Sales price: 1800,00 €

Mixed technique, signed, 30 x 23 cm

Sales price: 4800,00 €
Prater Ferris wheel (Prater Riesenrad)

Woodblock Print, signed, 23 x 22,5 cm

Sales price: 650,00 €
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