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Just Listed

Mutter mit Kind (Mother and child)

1.400,00 €

Breaking waves at the shore of Capri

8.500,00 €

White Birds on Pomegranate Tree at Night

3.800,00 €

La Chauve-Souris (Die Fledermaus)

1.250,00 €

engravings show different kabuki masks

650,00 €

Momotaro or Little Peachling

120,00 €

Suwakojô zenkei (View of Lake Suwa in Nagano), Ice Skating


Hanareyama no Enbô (Karuizawa)

320,00 €

People and Kanji

1.250,00 €

Calendar 1970

180,00 €

Tôkaidô Yoshida (Yoshida on the Tôkaidô)

9.500,00 €

Yoshida, Toyokawa ôhashi

650,00 €

Poem by Jitô Tennô

8.500,00 €

Actors at the Play Kasa no Yoru Nigao

1.150,00 €

Clearing Weather (Seiran): Miyamoto Musashi

1.850,00 €

Kabuki Actors iin the play Ume no hatsuharu gojûsan tsugi

3.800,00 €

Thunderstorm at Tateishi

850,00 €

Sunset at Morigaseki (Morigaseki no sekiyo)

1.850,00 €

Kintarō rigyo o toru (Kintarō catches a giant Carp)

6.400,00 €

Ryoanji no haru (Spring at Ryoanji temple)

420,00 €

Mute Swans in Flight

550,00 €

Asakusa kinryūsan (Kinryuzan Temple at Asakusa)

2.450,00 €


550,00 €