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100. Kunst & Antiquitäten Munich October 16 - 24

We are very happy to announce our participation at the

100. Kunst & Antiquitäten
at the Haus der Kunst
October 16 - 24

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Fair For Art Vienna 21

Fair For Art Vienna October 2 - 10

We are very happy to announce our participation at the

at the Aula der Wissenschaften
October 2 - 10

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We are very happy to announce our participation at the

at the Grand Palais Éphémère in Paris
September 24 - 26

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As a summer special, we made some nice prices.

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Art Austria // 17. - 20. 6. 2021

Besuchen Sie uns an Stand 5 // Visit us at booth 5

MuseumsQuartier Wien

17. - 20. Juni 2021 | Donnerstag - Samstag 11 - 19 Uhr und Sonntag 11  - 18 Uhr

Sosaku Hanga and New Hanga

Sōsaku hanga (creative prints) was an art movement starting in the early 20th century, which was shaped by the expectation that the artist must participate in every aspect of printmaking. Sōsaku hanga prints, therefore, mark the departure from traditional ukiyo-e production and aesthetics, and results in highly individualized works, strongly influenced by international trends in art.

For our whole collection of Sosaka Hanga and New Hanga Prints, please click here.

​​​​​​​e- Salon | printemps 23-25 avril 2021

We are happy to announce our participation at the

 NOW OPEN - visit our booth Nr. 45

April 23 - 25 2021
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From April 1 - 18 the gallery is closed.

We are online available, also pick-ups are possible by appointment.


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Osaka Prints

OSAKA PRINTS - our new online Exhibition

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What are the characteristics of Osaka Prints?

The main subjects of Osaka prints are portraits of kabuki actors, their roles, and kabuki plays in general. Sometimes the images include the stage settings or essential attributes of the actor's part.
In comparison with Edo prints, Osaka prints are often more detailed in expression and color. Sometimes even the plain background was filled with color. The facial expressions of the portraits are more distinct and delicate. This remarkably high workmanship and high quality of materials, color and paper, make Osaka prints very precious. The so-called Osaka prints became favored among connoisseurs.

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Messeausstellung in der Galerie. Erweiterte Öffnungszeiten

Extended opening hours for our annual Art Fair Exhibition at the Gallery

from November 5th to 14th we show our annual fall fair exhibition at the gallery and are open daily (except Sunday) from 11:00 - 19:00.

Please contact us by phone or email, so we can apply the distance rules.

Online valuation for Asian art Submit now

Submit your Asian objects now!

We are happy to announce the second online valuation week:

From November 23rd to 27th Dr. Marcus Oertel will valuate your Asian objects. Submit now!

Sizes of original Japanese woodblock prints (hangata)

For printing Japanese woodblock prints, there was a simple method to determinate the paper sizes: Standardized sheets got divided into two, three or four parts. A paper size bigger than the full-sized paper got glued together. Even though it seems simple, it is not so easy to name the actual size. Although the full-sized sheets have been standardized, the actual sizes can vary quite a lot. That could have different reasons:

Art Austria Wien 15.-18. Oktober im MQ

ART AUSTRIA HIGHLIGHTS im MQ Wien 15.-18. Oktober 2020

Besuchen Sie uns am Stand 25 // Visit us at booth 25.

 MuseumsQuartier Wien

15. - 18. Oktober 2020 | Donnerstag 11 h - 20 h, Freitag,  Samstag und Sonntag 11 h - 18 h

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