European Prints

Most artworks in this section are in some way influence by or derived from the aesthetics or the technique of Japanese woodblock prints.

In the Evening (Twilight, Two Girls in a japanese Teehouse)


A beautiful Summerday

420,00 €

The Flut Player (Der Flötenspieler)

760,00 €

Schwimmende Enten (Ducks)

550,00 €

Tempel mit blauem Dach (Temple with blue roof)

800,00 €

Himmelstempel in Peking (Temple of Heaven in Beijing)

950,00 €

Gazelle Hunting (Gazellenjagd)

1.700,00 €

Reisfinken (Java Sparrows)


Deer during Wintertime

650,00 €

Lebensstufen (Steps of Life)

1.400,00 €

Bild eines Freundes (Picture of a Friend)

850,00 €

White Birds on Pomegranate Tree at Night


Bab el Mokkadam (Muhammed Ali – Mosque in Kairo)

950,00 €