Yorimitsu Tries to Capture Hakamadare by Destroying His Magic

Kijutsu o yabutte Yorimitsu Hakamadare o karamen to su

Yoshitsuya, a pupil of Utagawa Kuniyoshi is illustrating in this Oban triptych the confrontation between Minamoto no Yorimitsu and the magician Hakamadare Yasumasa from the The Taiheiki (Chronicle of Great Peace), which is a Japanese historical epic written in the late 14th century and covers the period from 1319 to 1367.
The fearless warrior Minamoto no Yorimitsu is leading his three faithful comrades through Yakeyama Pass, as can be seen in the left panel. Hakamadare, who sits calmly in a tree at the right, attempts to avoid capture by using magic to create a distracting illusion of a battle between a bear and a giant snake.

Signature: Ichieisai Yoshitsuya (on each sheet)
Publisher Tsutaya Kichizô
Censor's seal and Seal of Date: Horse 4, 1858 (Ansei 5), 4th month

Original Japanese Woodblock Print

Inventory No. D573
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