Giovanni Berio / LIGUSTRO (1924-2015) Giovanni Berio / LIGUSTRO (1924-2015)

Print Waterfalls 2 Spring Rain Gold sun day

(Stampa Cascate 2 Pioggia di primavera giorno sole oro)
Free interpretation of the Zen waterfalls of Kyoto and another copy of the print is in the precious book by Ligustro THE BOOK OF JAPANESE GARDENS (WATERFALLS)

58-color polychrome woodcut, 2001
Issues: 4 with different colors and papers

Techniques used in use in the EDO period in Japan:
Nishiki-E: Brocade prints, a term used to denote the coloured woodcuts produced from 1765 onward using cherry and pear woods
Bokashi: Shaded colour printing
Karazuri: Printing whit parts created by pressure alone, without colour, in order to create relief and three-dimensional effect
Kinpaku: Use of gold leaf to cover larger areas of the print
Kirazuri: Mica prints, with the application of particles of powdered pearl and mica in order to create silvered or shining effects
Sabi-Bori: Method of engraving used to create the effect of brush strokes in Japanese calligraphy

Wood: The engravings for the contours and for the clichés were made on cherry wood (Sakura)
Paper: Japanese fine paper
Size of the print: 27,5 cm x 37,5 cm
Chinese cinnabar seals

Translation of Poem Verses taken from the book Kokinshū:
Omoiseku It is perhaps the waterfall
kokoro no uchi no inside the heart
taki nare ya of whom represses the impetus of passion?
Otsu to wa miredo I see that it falls,
oto no kikoenu but you do not hear the roar

Signature: Signature in the lower right corner Ligustro, Seals in the lower left RIGU LIGUSTRO, ZE-CO RESEARCHER OF RAINBOW Ligustro

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