Giovanni Berio / LIGUSTRO (1924-2015) Giovanni Berio / LIGUSTRO (1924-2015)

Print Classic TC61 Gao Zu

(Stampa Classico TC61 Gao Zu)
45-color polychrome woodcut, years1993 - 2004
Issues: 3 with different colors and papers

Techniques used in use in the EDO period in Japan:
Nishiki-E: Brocade prints, a term used to denote the coloured woodcuts produced from 1765 onward using cherry and pear woods
Bokashi: Shaded colour printing
Gindei: The use of powdered silver to highlight fine details in the print
Gin-Sunago: Silver flakes and powder scattered in the surface to create effects of light in individual plates in order to create identical prints
Karazuri: Printing whit parts created by pressure alone, without colour, in order to create relief and three-dimensional effect
Kimekomi: Printing using the reverse of the Karazuri technique giving an engraved, grooved effect
Kindei: Colour given by powdered gold to cover small areas of the prints with decorative motifs
Kinpaku: Use of gold leaf to cover larger areas of the print
Kin-Sunago: Gold flake and powdered scattered on the surface to create effects of light in individual plates in order to create identical prints
Kirazuri: Mica prints, with the application of particles of powdered pearl and mica in order to create silvered or shining effects
Mokkotsu: Type of painting or engraving in the Chinese tradition involving paiting figures without creating outlines
Sabi-Bori: Method of engraving used to create the effect of brush strokes in Japanese calligraphy
Kira-E: Mica prints

Wood: The engravings for the contours and for the clichés were made on cherry wood (Sakura)
Paper: Japanese fine papers
Size of the print: 30 cm x 46 cm
Chinese cinnabar seals

Verse Translation:
"The founder of the Tang: Gao Zu, gathered an army of volunteers, eliminated the disorder of the Sui, laying the foundations of the nation"

Signature: Seal lower left Ligustro Berio, seal lower left Ligustro MU-EN (future of dreams), seal left of the calligrapher

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