Ohara KOSON (1877-1945)


Ohara Koson (1877 – 1945) was the most successful ukiyo-e artist of the shin hanga period depicting mainly birds, plants and other animals (kacho-e). He probably was the student of Suzuki Kason.

By the end of the 19th century the Nihonga art movement, influenced by western style and techniques, revived traditional Japanese techniques. Koson can be seen as part of this art movement, together with Ogata Gekkō, Sakamaki Kōgyo, Hirezaki Eihō and Watanabe Seitei. These artists worked in close cooperation with the publishers Daikokuya and Kokkeidō. In 1926 Koson’s association with the very well-known publisher Watanabe started.

Ohara Koson was using three artist’s names: Ohara Koson, Ohara Shōson (used since 1912) and Ohara Hōson.

Roaring Tiger over the Crescent Moon


Scops owl on a branch, three sparrows on a branch below


Two sedan bearers are accompagnied by a torch bearer

780,00 €

Monkey reaching for the Moon


Cockatoo and pomegranate at Night


Two wild ducks near water, reeds behind

550,00 €

Bats against full Moon


Crow on Cherry Branch


Chicks fighting over a worm

880,00 €

Gallinule with Lotus Flowers

(F285 )
380,00 €

Two Pigeons sitting between falling Cherry Blossoms

580,00 €

Pheony and Butterfly

750,00 €

Eagle with spread wings on tree trunk

950,00 €

Eagle and Sparrow

950,00 €

Lapwing behind Reeds


Goshawk and Sparrows


Eagle on Snow Covered Branch

680,00 €

Chicken and Banana Tree

680,00 €

Basket with various flowers

650,00 €