Silver Pavilion - Kyoto

Signature: signed with pencil in roman letters and Artist's ...

Sales price: 650,00 €
Vienna from Nussdorfer Spitz

Woodblock Print, signed, 19 x 49 cm

Sales price: 1200,00 €
Rain in Shinnyodo

Signature: Takeji ga Publisher: Uchida First published: ...

Sales price: 160,00 €
Pagoda at Ninnaji Temple in Kyoto

Signature: Artist's Seal Publisher: Uchida Original ...

Sales price: 160,00 €
The Pagoda of Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto

Publisher: Uchida Original Japanese Woodblock Print, 2nd ...

Sales price: 340,00 €
Twilight in Yakushiji Temple

Signature: Takeji ga Publisher: Unsodo First published: ...

Sales price: 120,00 €
Osaka Castle (Osaka-jô)

Signature: Artis's Seal Hiroshi and roman letters Hiroshi ...

Sales price: 650,00 €
Kasumigaseki setchû (Kasumigaseki in Snow)

Series: Tôto sanjûrokkei (Thirty-six Views of the Eastern ...

Sales price: 850,00 €
Sôshû Miura no kaijô (The Sea at Miura in Sagami Province)

Series: Fuji sanjûrokkei (Thirty-six Views of Mount ...

Sales price: 1350,00 €
Bungo, Minosaki (Bungo Province: Minosaki)

Series: Rokujûyoshû meisho zue (Famous Places in the ...

Sales price: 1350,00 €
Hizen, Nagasaki, Inasayama

Hizen Province: Nagasaki, Mount Inasa Series: ...

Sales price: 1250,00 €
Hira bosetsu (Twilight Snow at Hira)

Series: Ômi hakkei (Eight Views of Ômi) Signature: ...

Sales price: 1450,00 €
Cherry Tree in Kawagoe (Kawagoe no sakura)

Series: Eight Scenes of Cherry Blossoms (Sakura ...

Sales price: 650,00 €
Toshogu Shrine in Ueno

Toshogu Shrine in Ueno Signature: Artist's ...

Sales price: 320,00 €
Shôno, Shiratorizuka koseki (Ancient Remains at Shiratori Mound)

Series: Gojûsan tsugi meisho zue (Famous Sights of the ...

Sales price: 680,00 €

Series: Meisho Edo hyakkei (One Hundred Famous Views of ...

Sales price: 1950,00 €
Futakawa, Sarugababa tateba (Post House on Monkey Plain)

Series: Gojûsan tsugi meisho zue (Famous Sights of the ...

Sales price: 1250,00 €
Ôdenmachô gofukuten (Dry-goods Stores in Ôdenma-chô)

Series: Edo meisho (Famous Places in Edo) Signature: ...

Sales price: 1400,00 €
Nanzen-Ji Kyoto (B)

Signature: Artist’s seal Date:1963 Numbered: ...

Sales price: 1250,00 €
Yuki Butai (Kiyomizu Temple in snow)

Artist's Seal Original Japanese Woodblock Print, Size: ...

Sales price: 480,00 €
Sanfuranshisuko (San Francisco)

Signature: Toshi Yoshida with pencil Date: ...

Sales price: 880,00 €
Moonrise over Kyoto Hillside

Signature: Lilian Miller Date: 1934 Original Japanese ...

Sales price: 1250,00 €

Signatur: Kiyoshi Saito Datum: 1974 Shõwa Numbered: ...

Sales price: 950,00 €
Ômiya in Rain (Ame no Ômiya)

Date: 1930 (Shôwa 5) Posthumous edition Original ...

Sales price: 750,00 €
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